Sunday, September 9, 2012

Where’s Your Wedding Guestbook?

Photo Credit: Carasco Photography
No really, where is it? Displayed on your mantel or a bookshelf for all to view or packed in a box buried in an attic or basement without hope of ever seeing the light of day. My gut tells me the latter is the final resting place of many a wedding guestbook. Last year, I planned my own wedding with the dedicated support of Georgia’s Crew, and when faced with the decision of “to guestbook or not to guestbook,” I decided to take a stand. I refused to let my wedding guestbook face the fate of so many others that have gone before it.  No,  20 years from now, I don't want to open a dusty box only to find this memento from my big day moldy or moth-eaten.

So, I went in a totally different direction.  I opted for a guestbook that I could cherish every day. The theme of my wedding was vintage (you’re shocked, I know), yet organic and "green."  I decided to have my wedding guests help me create a piece of artwork that I could proudly display in my home.

I started with a great design of a leafless tree which was printed on 18x20 acid-free paper that was then mounted on foam board.  I framed the tree, without glass, in a beautiful, old gold frame that I found at a salvage warehouse.  At the wedding, I positioned the frame flat on a table, along with green stamp pads, hand wipes and instructions on how to add to my soon-to-be masterpiece. The instructions I provided asked that each guest add a leaf to my guest tree by adding a thumb or fingerprint and then initial or sign their name near it.  Let me pause here because I know what you are thinking… and the answer is no, no one accidentally put a green print on my dress; the hand wipes which I re-labeled with my wedding colors and logo worked like a charm. 

Photo Credit: Carasco Photography
Photo Credit: Carasco Photography
After the wedding, I properly framed my guestbook wedding tree by adding glass.  Now, my guestbook work-of-art is hanging in my guest bathroom as an everyday reminder of the many family and friends that made our wedding day so truly special.
Do you have a great guestbook idea? We want to hear about it!

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  1. The coolest idea I've ever seen for a Guestbook!