Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Top 3 Places for a Mirrored Vanity Tray!

Mirror, mirror on the vanity? ...or dresser, or chest of drawers, or even the wall! That's right, we are talking about mirrored vanity trays and the three places we love them most.

Here goes:
1. We love a mirrored tray where else but in a bathroom. These vintage beauties, that come in an array of shapes and sizes, are perfect for  perfume bottles and miscellaneous vessels that hold everything from jewelry to bathroom essentials.
2. How about placing a large tray on a dresser or chest of drawers in the bedroom. Not only will the gold filigree add elegance and charm to your dresser top, but the tray is also a perfect place to display a cute flower arrangement or corral sentimental collectibles.
3. And finally, on a wall. Add a mirrored tray to a gallery wall or display a collection of vanity trays on a wall. The possibilities are endless with these oh so usable relics from the past.