Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Hi Friends:

I would like to dedicate this post to the memory of Dennis Gulkis - brother-in-law, uncle and long time antique lover. We are thankful for the many good times we shared.

Friends, I am not ready for Thanksgiving this year. In an effort to decorate with something that is warm and welcoming yet quick and easy, I settled on cornucopias. We're all familiar with this horn-shaped symbol of abundance originating in classical mythology and associated with Thanksgiving and harvest. Here's a few tips on putting one together! To make a traditional horn of plenty, pick up an inexpensive cornucopia (usually made of wicker) at a craft store and gather together real or faux items that are associated with harvest and abundance including fruits, vegetables, grains, flowers and nuts. Anything goes here; consider pomegranates, apples and artichokes in addition to the customary gourds and Indian corn. Fill the back of the horn with paper or straw to support the contents and begin arranging by placing the largest items to the back. Continue adding until you are satisfied with the arrangement. This large cornucopia took some filling! I lined the bottom with colorful faux leaves for added texture.
I found this vintage cornucopia at an antique market. It was designed to hang and makes a welcoming door decor!
For a more dressed up version, vintage cornucopias like these can be found easily on internet shopping sites.
If you have smaller cornucopias, why not place one in a guest bathroom or bedroom or fill mini cornucopias with cookies, candies and chocolates and give them as gifts. Get the kids involved in making them; it's a great way to spend time together and give thanks for the abundance in your life.



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