Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vintage Salt (and Pepper) Must Haves!

Hi Friends:

You would be hard pressed to find a kitchen that doesn’t have salt and pepper somewhere on the shelves of a pantry, tucked away in a spice cabinet or out in plain sight on the counter. After all, these two condiments are called for in most recipes. There are lots of mills and shakers to choose from, but Georgia's is partial to clear and milk depression glass options. Back in the day, glass canisters and spice jars were included with Hoosier style cabinets. Hoosier salt dips are still desirable today and so utilitarian. How easy is it to "dip" into one of these for that pinch needed for seasoning! 
There are lots of other vintage glass pieces that can easily be repurposed in the kitchen as well. We love this one from Breakstone Dairy. Given away as a promo, this milk glass container was used for storing sour cream and cottage cheese, but works perfectly as a salt (or pepper) dip.
If you prefer shakers, why not opt for vintage Fire King or Hazel Atlas glass shakers. They add charm in addition to being real work horses in the kitchen. 
Shakers such as these often came as part of a larger collection and had matching flour and sugar shakers, spice jars, and coffee, tea and sugar canisters. While there are a range of colors that these vintage shakers came in, I much prefer the white versions because they fit in with any kitchen decor. Although, I have to admit, I find the jadite charming, too. 
These pieces are fun to collect, very functional and so much more charming than their grocery store counterparts. Georgia's loves imagining the kitchens they came from. Why not give them new life in a contemporary kitchen!        


  1. I love milk glass. The Breakstone sourcream dish is beautiful! Where could I possibly find one?

  2. I have the Breakstone Dairy sour cream/cottage cheese holder, perfect condition w/ the lid! $35.00 plus you pay the postage. Happy shopping!!!

  3. They have a very open approach and were completely transparent throughout the project. Shop and Earn