Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vintage Sugar Bowls!

Hi Friends:

Before you start reading this post, do me a favor; open the door to your pantry and take a look at your sugar storage situation. I have a feeling if you are like most of us, it probably looks a bit disorganized with ripped and clipped bags and boxes stuffed on a shelf probably spilling their contents and probably making a royal mess. In-and-of-itself, this situation is not insurmountable. With some heavy duty bag clips or high quality Tupperware, your problem is solved. But, what do you do when you need "just a spoonful of sugar?" Tell me you don't dig into those bags with a teaspoon!
If you do, have I got the perfect solution for you: vintage sugar bowls! They are so beautiful, so unique, so charming and so much easier to navigate when you need just a pinch of sugar in your morning java. Vintage sugar bowls come in every size, shape, and color; but I prefer clear cut glass or crystal, utilitarian versions that fit in with any decor. Clean and classic, you just can't go wrong. Fill up your sugar bowl, keep it on your counter, add a beautiful vintage sterling silver or silver plate teaspoon (for extra flare engrave your spoon with your monogram or last initial) and presto: instant charm and no mess!

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