Sunday, October 28, 2012


My name is Nikki and I’m a monogram-a-holic. Not long ago, I was not comfortable talking about my addiction. I tried to hide it from my family and friends; but, when my three favorite letters started popping up on pillows, towels, silver spoons and trays, my husband was quickly on to me.  I think it was the large embroidered “B” on my shower curtain that compelled him to ask – what’s with the obsession? 

The answer was simple.  Monograms and initials, in every form, are beautiful.  They personalize your home, they are great conversation starters, and gosh darn, I just plain love them!
My personal philosophy on monograms follows traditional schools of thought:
  • The monogram in your home should always represent the woman of the house
  • A traditional monogram is:
    • small initial of your first name, large initial of your last name, small initial of your middle or maiden name
I think there is one exception to the rule. I love the idea of embroidering a beautiful "married" monogram on a European size pillow to display in the middle of your bed. Follow this pattern:
    • small initial of wife's first name, large initial of your shared married last name, small initial of husband's first name

 It's a wonderful way to visually depict two becoming one.
Happy monogramming!

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