Friday, August 24, 2012

Re-Purposing Vintage Tool Caddies

Hi Friends:

Welcome to Georgia's Home Inspirations first blog post! Over the years, while sifting through treasures at antique and flea markets, I have often come across vintage tool caddies. I am always drawn to their craftsmanship and time-worn patina. You can't help but wonder about their age, who made them and how they were used.  These caddies range from the truly rustic to works of art with lovely detail including dove-tailed corners.  As I have a small kitchen, I bought my first caddy to hold cutlery. It has worked out so well! I was able to save drawer space and can also transport cutlery from the kitchen table to the coffee table to the patio. (We eat everywhere!)   
Cutlery Caddy
A second tool caddy was purchased to corral all the pens, pencils and markers that were scattered throughout the house. This has been an organizational gem. My third caddy (yes, I have three) resides in my bathroom and holds cosmetics and toiletry items. I have a very small bathroom, too! 

Tool Caddies Re-purposed for the Office and Bathroom
Is there a fourth caddy in my future? I can't say no! I love them! I think they would be great for sewing, pet or cleaning supplies, needle crafts, toys, gardening tools, storing fruit or just used for decor filled with pine cones, gourds and greenery.

Have you found a great tool caddy and re-purposed it in a fun or useful way? Tell me about it!

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