Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Accessorize Your Door!

I have a confession. For the past 15 months, I have completely ignored my front door. There, I said it.

I, myself, can't even believe I made such a terrible gaff. I mean, my front door is my guests' first impression of me, my home, my family! I can't have the pizza delivery guy thinking that I run a ho-hum operation in here. And what about our Thai delivery lady? I'm sure she just shakes her head in wonder at our boring door...and our incredible knack for consuming mass amounts of Crab Rangoon.

Well, no more. Trusty moss "B" door decoration for the past year, you have more than served your purpose; now step aside. It's the holidays and our door is getting the makeover it deserves.

Now, where to begin...

Do I go traditional winter greens with a big beautiful red bow wreath hanger? No, but isn't this wreath hanger out of this world?
What about a great set of vintage jingle bells. Super cute...but no.

So what did I decide on?

First I started with this awesome door swag that I picked up from Home Depot for $5. It smelled great and served as the basis for my door's new look. Next, I ditched the red faux velvet bow.
I added a pair of 1930's Dutch ice skates. Oh, how I love these.
To finish off the look? A great big, beautiful natural burlap bow trimmed in red.

Recognizing that I don't have the best track record for switching out door decor, I am starting seasonal. Instead of a holiday-specific decoration, I opted for a look that will last all winter long.

Now, I best get started thinking about Spring! Do you have any ideas to share? We want to hear them! Tell us in the comments section.

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