Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Hi Friends:

Years ago, when Shabby Chic first arrived on the scene as a casual, practical decorating style for families, I was hooked. The focus was on cozy comfort and shunned the precious and stiff. Slipcovering, repurposing and utilizing vintage time-worn items contributed to both character and function. There was no theme beyond liking what you liked and recognizing that an eclectic look can be successful, warm and inviting. I was drawn to whites and creams in everything from dishes to linens to painted furniture for its elegant simplicity and ability to work in any room. Alabaster accessories became a favorite.

If you are not familiar with it, alabaster is a soft, smooth stone made of sedimentary gypsum rock formed from a type of calcium. It can be found in many countries especially England, the United States and Italy. Generally white or translucent, it resembles marble. Both are carved into decorative works, but alabaster is more affordable. Alabaster pieces are timeless and have great vintage appeal. It's also a great way to add an earthy element to your decor. Have a look at what I have collected! If you like the look, you can find alabaster lamps and accessories at antique stores, flea markets and on eBay.
Alabaster Urn Lamp
Mini Alabaster Lamp Purchased in Volterra, Italy
Alabaster Grape Cluster 
Carved Alabaster Fruit
Alabaster Soap Dish and Cup from Volterra, Italy  

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