Tuesday, March 5, 2013

White Ironstone!

Hi Friends:

While walking through snow this morning contemplating what to write about, I found myself once again appreciating "white." It's clean and exudes a sense of peace, calm and comfort. It's neutral - a blank canvas - offering center stage to other elements. This is exactly what I like about white ironstone. 

Ironstone china, harder than earthenware and stronger than porcelain, was developed in Staffordshire, England in the early 1800's. Most often decorated with transfer patterns, it was an inexpensive and practical alternative to china. By the mid 1800's, undecorated pieces made it to America when English potters realized that plain, durable china was preferred here. White ironstone marketed to farmers became known as thrashers' ware. These pieces were often embossed with corn, wheat or prairie flowers to appeal to this community.

White ironstone is a popular collectible today, especially if you are a vintage lover. It can be used safely as there are no harmful chemicals in the glaze or china itself and it's so utilitarian! Take a look at these examples of white ironstone:
Soap Dish and Small Casserole Dish 
Small Gravy Boat Repurposed!
Serving Platter Embossed With Wheat Design (Harvest Pattern)
Lovely Old White Ironstone Pitcher
Stack of White Ironstone Plates   
You can find a variety of white ironstone pieces in antique stores and flea markets. Put them to work in your kitchen or simply decorate with this tableware! It's plain, but it's beautiful!

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