Friday, June 28, 2013

Lisa and Nikki's Friday Finds!

Hi Friends:

What has inspired and delighted us this week? Here they are - the sights, sounds, tastes and one-of-a-kinds we loved!
Georgia's picked up this vintage large silver plate sugar bowl at the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY. Doesn't it make a great planter?
Found! Vintage dessert glassware - just right for fruit cups, pudding or ice cream. Perfect for affogato!
And if you're going to make affogato, you need espresso. Have you heard of Laughing Man Coffee? Hugh Jackman and his buddies have started a company that helps give individuals the "opportunity for freedom, dignity, livelihood and laughter." Dukale's Dream, one of many products, is an organic espresso that was developed in conjunction with Dukale, an Ethiopian coffee farmer. The espresso is truly wonderful, smooth and well balanced. We love Laughing Man's moto - ALL BE HAPPY! And we love that 100% of Laughing Man revenue goes back to education and community development.
Can you identify this wooden utensil? It's a molinillo, a traditional Mexican turned wood whisk. Invented in the 1700's by Spanish colonists in Mexico, it's used primarily in the preparation of hot beverages like hot chocolate. The molinillo is held between the palms and rotated by rubbing the palms together. The rotation creates froth in the drink.
Looking for a great chip? Here's one that's good for you. All natural Beanitos are made from nutritious beans and are free of preservatives, gluten and trans fats. There are several varieties available and all provide fiber and protein along with a delicious crunch!
July 4th is approaching; are you having a barbecue? Look what we found at Sur La Table! Plastic sandwich baskets along with matching paper liners and baking cups. These baskets are more fun than paper plates and you can pick them up for about a buck! Complete the look with coordinating cups and utensils!    
What's your favorite summer song? This may date us a little, but we love the 1972 hit Summer Breeze by Seals and Crofts. Check out this live performance posted by stardustdays on You Tube.

Have a good weekend! 

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