Friday, October 11, 2013

Lisa and Nikki's Friday Finds!

Happy Friday!

What has inspired and delighted us this week? Here they are - the sights, sounds, tastes and one-of-a-kinds we loved!
 How charming are these rosettes made from ornamental cabbages!
Take a look at the size of these yarn balls and needles! That is a normal sized table behind them. They are used to create super chunky knit throws and rugs. Awesome!
And while I'm on the topic of knitting, I found this unusual piece at an estate sale and immediately thought of repurposing it to hold my knitting projects. It appears to be a vintage dough bowl mounted to an antique pedestal. I like to think that some handy husband made it for his wife back in the day.
Pausing to enjoy a spekuloos and whipped cream Belgian waffle in Manhattan, NY! Gourmet food trucks are all the rage and Wafels & Dinges based in Brooklyn, NY is one of the best. You can choose between sweet and savory and embellish with toppings as desired!
Do you have vintage furniture with new scratches and dings? Try using a walnut or pecan to repair the spot. Simply rub the nut over the damaged area and watch it darken. This technique works best on minor damage and blends better than many commercial products. (These are unedited photos!)
Vintage oilers. The perfect gift for the handyman in your life. Look for them at flea markets and antique malls.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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