Friday, February 7, 2014

Lisa and Nikki's Friday Finds!

Happy Friday Friends:

What has inspired and delighted us this week? Here they are - the sights, sounds, tastes and one-of-a-kinds we loved!

We have a crush on this vintage hat rack! It's sturdy enough to hold heavy winter gear, back packs and more!
Vintage leather chairs - yes please! And we'll take an afghan, cup of tea and a good book, too! These were spotted at Jayson Home, one of our favorite stops for unique finds.
When we found this large hammered metal bucket we were sure it was copper. Not so! A little polishing has revealed that it is brass. We love the leaf and vine details in the handles! Wouldn't it make a great container for a large plant or filled with fire wood? 
 About the only thing thriving in our neck of the woods is Tillandsia (air plants). We love this vessel designed especially for these botanic wonders. 
Ginger Molasses Cookies - perfect with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Click the link for Georgia's tutorial on making these spicy, chewy treats!
Valentine's Day is next Friday. With that in mind, we wanted to share the late Eva Cassidy's "Songbird" with you. It is a beautifully sung love song from an immensely talented vocalist and guitarist known for her interpretations of the classics.

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