Friday, May 23, 2014

Lisa and Nikki's Friday Finds!

Hi Friends:

What has inspired and delighted us this week? Here they are - the sights, sounds, tastes and one-of-a-kinds we loved!
Up in our neck of the woods, summer has finally arrived; spring never made it! We love the idea of using vintage wash tubs for container gardening. Find these at flea markets and get your herbs and veggies going!
Fill a tray with vintage tomato pincushions for a summery centerpiece! They really make us think of the real thing!
 Make a bouquet with vintage glass beaded flowers. The workmanship leaves us in awe!
Look at this spotted during Texas Antique Week. Typewriter key magnets - what a great idea for notes on the fridge!
Are you familiar with It's one of the largest organizations of young people working for social change. We love their Thumb Wars Campaign where you can send friends thumb socks to encourage them not to text and drive. Now that's doing something!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, everyone!


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