Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Decorating with Florals!

Hi Friends:

Decorating with florals goes all the way back to the Renaissance. Flowers appeared in the woven tapestries and paintings found in the homes of the wealthy. But it was during the Victorian Age, when art, music and literature flourished, that interest in florals "bloomed!" Elaborate gardening and floral arrangements abounded. Everything was a canvas for floral motifs especially walls, fabrics and china. I would have fit right into that scene. There's something timeless and cozy about decorating with florals.  Faded vintage designs really speak to me. Take a look at a few inspiring ways to incorporate floral items into your decor. 
Vintage Tole Tray
Vintage English China Tea Cups
Antique Floral Watercolor Painting
1905 French Lemonade Pitcher
Antique Rose Botanical Print from Italy
Vintage Curtain Fabric Made Into A Bolster
Antique Coffee/Tea Set from Austria
Vintage Floral Fabric Ready For Repurposing

Wallpaper, lampshades, china, linens, rugs - whether you go subtle or bold, give a room a sensory boost with something floral! 

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