Saturday, February 9, 2013

Valentine's Day!

Hi Friends:
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we all know that it isn't just for lovers! In this day and age of emails and texts, why not express your feelings for the special people in your life with one of these thoughtful gifts or DIY project ideas from Georgia's. Your personal touch will mean so much! 

Hearts for Haiti: Proceeds from the sale of these hand-carved Haitian stone hearts support a grant program of The Hand/Eye Fund that works in Haiti to help artists recover from loss of shelter, equipment, workshops and income. 
Turn a card into a gift! We added a vintage jewelry piece to this crocheted flower pin. 
Why not put a sweet nosegay in a small Ball canning jar. Just remove the lid!
Make a one-of-a-kind card with a few scrapbooking supplies - glitter, gems and lettering!
Georgia's used vintage millinery flowers and jewelry pieces to embellish these notecards.
Turn a special photo into a gift by attaching a necklace, bracelet or locket!
Jazz up a wine tote by sewing on a pocket and adding a love note. This felt tote was $.99! Find them at craft and fabric stores.
I made this felt coin purse for my son's girlfriend with Feltworks Felt Embellishments and embroidery floss. These items are widely available in craft and fabric stores.
Loving this bookmark made from vintage jewelry hearts and chain. Perfect for the book/magazine reader! 
Another bookmark idea for your Valentine: create a photo strip with a photo booth app for your smart phone. Punch a hole in the top and thread with ribbon for flair.
This glass paperweight is from Photoweights. One of many styles available, it has a recessed base that allows you to personalize the piece with memorabilia in addition to photos. Nikki, this one is for you! It has your matrilineality (mother's lineage) along with a cameo that belonged to your grandmother. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetheart!

And to all our friends, love from Georgia's!

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